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The FNC Magazine – Lee Jonghyun’s Interview - ㋡HËåЯT ☠ BËåT㋡
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The FNC Magazine – Lee Jonghyun’s Interview

[Scans|Trans] The FNC Magazine – Lee Jonghyun’s Interview


The most drastically changing within CNBLUE lately is because the movement from Yeungdeungpo to Gangnam. In the previous dorm although we have living room but mostly we spent the time on our own room. Meanwhile in our new dorm we have big large space of living room, I am very happy (laugh). Likely there are many good fortune because a good mood by the new dorm.


If I am happening to be a reporter, I want to ask such a question: “What is your reason involved in music industry?” my real reason is I want to be somebody who lives by doing his desire passionately as part of my destiny. (He means doing music is his destiny)


I am not such a couch potato and used to do activities all day along. I can do martial art and used to do stretching as basic training everyday. The problem is even I want to train everyday CEO and some of the people advise me not to do so much train because they afraid I will injured myself. So, recently I just do weight training (to control the weight). Actually this is a secret but I have “king abs” (means six packs, in Chinese character king=). Other people probably do not notice it but I have a good body to show off (laugh).

Jung Yonghwa Interviewing Lee Jonghyun

یونگ هوا با جونگ هیون مصاحبه میکنه

Tracksuit for Jonghyun is?

tracksuit (نوعی کت گرم)ات چه نقشی برات داره؟

My buddy.

رفیقم ه(رفیقشه....)

What is the thing you have to throw away right now?

چه چیزی رو لازمه که همین الان دور بندازی؟

My tracksuit.

tracksuitام رو(ههههههههههه..رفیقتو دور میندازی؟)

Who is CNBLUE’s “fashion terrorist”?

تو گروه سی ان بلو کی فشن تره؟

Who is he? Not me!

کیه؟من نیستم(من بگم.......یونگ هوا جونم خودت از همشون فشن تری)

What kind of super power you want to have.

چه نیروی فوق العاده ای میخای داشته باشی؟

I want to fly; I want to be a bird.

میخام مثه پرنده ها پرواز کنم(اوخییییی)

What is the most serious thing you do recently?

جدی ترین کاری که اخیر انجام دادی؟

Concert preparation! It’s been a long time not to perform here (in Korea) so I got to prepare it seriously.

اماده شدن واسه کنسرت اخه خیلی وقته تو کره اجرا نداشتیم و ایندفه جدی گرفتمش

If you are happening meet your ideal type, what song you want to listen with her?

اگه زن ایده الت رو ببینی میخای باهاش چه اهنگی گوش بدی؟

John Legend P.D.A

(همینی که بالا نوشته دیه)

For the ones you love what song you will playing to propose her?

واسه کسایی که دوسشون داری کدوم اهنگ رو پیشنهاد میدی؟

“Ne sarangaa~ saranga~~~” (My Love A Gentleman’s Dignity OST by Lee Jonghyun)

(همین اهنگی که نوشته-خودش خونده)

What do you want to do on the 2013 January 1st?

تو ژانویه 2013 میخای چی کار کنی؟

I want to send messages (a New Year messages) to the people I love.

میخام پیام تبریک واسه اونایی که دوسشون دارم بفرستم(اوریییییییین)

What do you want to do right now?

الان میخای چی کار کنی؟

I want to going back home.

میخام برگردم خونه(اول مصاحبه بعد خونه)

What do you want to do very firstly once you are in home?

اولین کاری که بعد از رسیدن به خونه میکنی؟

I want to take shower.

دوش میگیرم(اورین)

What’s the very first thing you do once you open your eyes? (Wake up from sleep)

وقتی از خواب بیدار میشی اولین کاری که میکنی؟

I am taking shower.

دوش میگیرم()

What is the most irritating stuff for you?

عصبانی کننده ترین چیز واسه تو چیه؟

Morning shower.

دوش صب(ای بااااااابااااا....چه گیری به دوش گرفتن دادی اخه)

When is your happiest time?

شادترین لحظه برات؟

It is when I am sleeping.

وقتی خوابم(فقط تو خواب شادی؟؟؟؟؟؟)

What did you dreamt last night?

دیشب چه خوابی دیدی؟

I did not dream.

خواب ندیدم

When will you become the most talkative?

کی زیاد حرف میزنی؟

It is when meals time.

وقتی موقع غذا خوردن میشه(مگه توام؟؟؟؟؟)

When do you think Jung Yonghwa looks cool?

فک میکنی یونگ هوا کی عالی به نظر میرسه؟

What is cool? We meet every time, it is just creepy.

عالی؟ما که هر وخ دیدیمش چندش اور بوده(هوی به یونگ هوا توهین نمیکنیااااااااا...نداشتیماااا)

What is the thing who leaved a deep impression to you back when you were in Singapore?

چه چیزی تاثیر زیادی رو تو گذاشته وقتی تو سنگاپور بودی؟

A hotel pool and when eat Chilli Crab. (it must be at Clarke Quay)

کلا هتل اش()

What if you become FNC CEO?

اگه CEOی اف ان سی بشی؟

I am not the one who suit of become a CEO.

من واسه اینکار مناسب نیستم(نمی اشکاله)

What do you want to say to yourself?

میخای به خودت چی بگی؟

Live passionately.

باشعور زندگی کن()

Tell me how to live passionately?

بهم بگو چه جوری میشه باشعور زندگی کرد؟

Enjoy the life itself, love everything in our surrounding.

از خود زندگی لذت ببر و از همه اون چیزایی که تو اطرافت وجود دارن لذت ببر(اهاان منظورش اینه که به مادیات توجه نکنین)

What is your favourite phrase?

رشته مورد علاقه ات؟



Lastly, any messages you want to say to Collin?

و اخریٰش اینکه هر پیامی واسهcollinداری بگو

“Hi, how are you? Next time if there is another chance we got to meet up again.”

سلام چطوری؟دفه بعد اگه شانسی وجود داشته باشه میام میبینمت()

(For Jonghyun they are …)

واسه جونگ هیون اینا...

Yonghwa is a reliable elder brother. Minhyuk is a reliable younger brother.

یونگ هوا داداش مورد اعتماد بزرگ تر.مین هیوک داداش مورد اعتماد کوچیکتر

Jungshin is a conehead younger brother.

جونگ شین داداش کوچیک سرتره

CNBLUE is he himself.

سی ان بلو ام که خود خودشه


“I want to be a great guitarist even tough I am getting older. I keep trying to let myself flowing as the world does.” (He means that he is a person who able to adapt and still professional)

I do music and acting recently, I think if the time I have is too limited. But doing both improved my skill and gives me a lot of possibilities in the future. In music for instance, I really think that I am nothing but I do feel challenged to have this opportunity. Because if I keep on explore my basic skill, both music and acting are actually quite fun. Still I think if my real root is music. Guitarist that leaves me a deep impression is Eric Clapton and just like him, I want to be a great elder guitarist. I try to keep flowing as the time change and importantly to be a good-looking man as well, haha.


“If I looking back my life time until now, it feels like I win a lottery, good fortunes come one after another.”

In the past, I used to think “acting is not my field”. Nowadays if I thinking back again, band and acting are two big things who come like lottery in my life, thus far I just doing music and when I made a first leap in acting field as a drama cast, I felt strangeness and completely lost.

Since we have debuted we are four experiences difficulties in reunited audiences. With the time goes by it becomes easier and through acting it comes even better. Actually, through acting, people who do not know CNBLUE begun to acknowledged and start to listen to our music (so then we could promote our band to them), that is a good point.

Right now, we are four doing both music and acting, it is looks good (because we have more self-confidence). Up to this day, I do not know what people think yet, but I hope they will say, “Very good”.

I really want to learn acting from experienced senior actors and crews. As Busan native, I love “Friend” movie, that movie had starred by Jang Donggun senior that is another reason I felt honour to act together with him (Jonghyun referred to A Gentleman’s Dignity he starred with Jang Donggun). The impression during drama filming is fun; I would like to say “pretty good” right from the start-up to the end of the drama.

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